Global Trade Certificate (GTC)

GTC SkyscraperGlobal Trade Certificate (GTC) – USD $1499

Learn the essentials of trade finance in the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy’s introductory-level, online certificate.

Why take this certificate course:

  1. Internationally recognised: Bring your trade finance knowledge up to global standards with a certification from the ICC – an institution recognised around the world
  2. Save USD $600! The GTC programme is comprised of 14 individual courses, with topics including letters of credit, guarantees, supply chain finance and more. Bought separately these courses would cost USD $2100
  3. 100 years of experience: The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has been defining commercial rules for the last century and the GTC e-course is created by an unrivalled roster of international experts
  4. 45 hours of learning: Your purchase of the GTC gives you access to 14 courses and seventy lessons, as well as case studies, videos and assessment questions to help you grasp key concepts easily
  5. Fast-track your career: The Global Trade Certificate (GTC) is the first step towards more senior positions within your bank and advanced qualifications like the CTFP.
  6. Be more confident at work: The GTC programme will give you a detailed and clear understanding of trade finance techniques so you can have more informed discussions with clients and colleagues
  7. 24/7 access: all our courses are online meaning they can be taken at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. Fit them in around your busy schedule and learn at your own pace.

You can purchase the GTC here –


What you will learn:

The GTC gives you access to 14 different trade finance courses – you will need to complete nine to take the final exam but you can take as many as you want during the 12 month access period.


GTC Courses:

  1. Introduction to Trade Finance
  2. Introduction to Documentary Credits
  3. Introduction to Guarantees
  4. Introduction to Receivables Finance
  5. Introduction to Distributor Finance
  6. Introduction to Compliance
  7. Introduction to Supply Chain Finance
  8. Introduction to Cross Border Trade
  9. Introduction to Risk Distribution
  10. Introduction to Capital & Pricing
  11. Introduction to Trade Finance Sales
  12. Introduction to Standby Letters of Credit
  13. Introduction to Fraud and Reputational Risk

You can find full details of the GTC curriculum here.



Your purchase of the GTC includes everything listed below:

  • 12 month’s access to the entire certificate programme – 45 hours of learning, 14 courses and 70 lessons – delivered exclusively online.
  • Interactive learning – 150 narrated videos, 250 assessment and quiz questions and transaction flow diagrams to help you grasp key concepts easily and review the course material
  • 7 case studies – we’ll show you how to apply what you learn to real-world scenarios
  • Lesson highlight summaries at the end of every lesson to recap what you have learned
  • A timed one-hour online exam – if you pass (70%) you will receive an ICC Academy, industry-recognised certificate signed by the ICC Secretary General!
  • Dedicated, full-time IT support

You can purchase the GTC here –


And this is what some GTC graduates have said about the programme:


“One of the parameters of Continuous Professional Education was met by my GTC Certificate completion and I got promoted due to that”


“ICC Academy is world-wide recognised so completing the course has improved my resume”


“Recognised by peers to be a true trade specialist. Have a much clearer idea of what other financing techniques are available”


“My bank gives preference to those who completes the CTFP and after doing GTC my prospect of completing CTFP are more positive”


Frequently Asked Questions:


When does the course start?

All ICC Academy courses and certificates are completely online so you can start whenever you like. There are no set classroom times to worry about, you can access the content 24/7 and learn at your own pace.


How long does the certificate take to complete?

Each individual course will take between 3-5 learning hours depending on the level of expertise. Candidates will have 12 months to all 14 courses and the final exam from date of purchase.


How do I qualify to take the exam?

To take the exam and earn the GTC certificate you will need to complete the six core courses plus a minimum of 3 elective courses (you will have access to all 14 courses for 12 months regardless), within the 12-month access period. One attempt at the exam is included in the price. For multiple attempts you will need to purchase a retake – USD $350.


If you have any further questions about the course, please contact us at [email protected]


You can purchase the GTC here –

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