IMB NVOCC Bill of Lading Certificate (NBL)

NBL RectangleIMB NVOCC Bill of Lading Certificate (NBL) – USD $350

Streamline your logistics process by building a solid understanding of one of the most important documents in global trade. This certificate course was designed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy in partnership with the International Maritime Bureau.

Why take this certificate course:

  1. Gain a competitive edge: NVOCC and freight forwarders who show industry compliance and a commitment to accountable business practices will earn greater trust and credibility from exporters and importers and subsequently more business
  2. Save time and money: Cut down and avoid time consuming and costly investigations into improper and fraudulent bills of lading within your bank or financial institution
  3. Learn from the experts: This certificate is authored by the Director of the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), the organisation dedicated to the prevention of trade, maritime and transport fraud and malpractice
  4. 24/7 access: All our courses and certificates are online meaning they can be taken at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. Fit them in around your busy workload and learn at your own pace

You can purchase the IMB NVOCC Bill of Lading Certificate here –

What you will learn:

The IMB NVOCC Bill of Lading Certificate (NBL) is comprised of four different lessons – you will need to complete all of these to take the final exam.


  1. Overview of Bills of Lading
  2. The Role of Bills of Lading in Global Trade
    • General introduction to international trade and key stakeholders
    • IMB Code of Conduct and NVOCC Register
    • The role and importance of the bill of lading in the trading transaction
    • Processes and documents needed by NVOCCs before issuing a bill of lading
  3. Understanding the IMB Register and Code
    • The terms of the IMB NVOCC Code of Conduct (CoC)
    • How NVOCCs can comply
    • Five real world scenarios involving NVOCCs and bills of lading
  4. Pre-Exam Assessment

You can find full details of the NBL curriculum here.

Your purchase of the IMB NVOCC Bill of Lading Certificate includes everything listed below:

  • One-year access to the certificate programme – two hours of content over four lessons – delivered exclusively online
  • Interactive learning – 18 assessment quizzes and six case studies to help you grasp key concepts easily and review the course material
  • A glossary containing all the key terms for you to refer to throughout the course
  • A timed one-hour online exam – if you pass (70%) then you will receive an ICC Academy industry-recognised certificate!
  • Extra digital resources including the IMB NVOCC Code of Conduct
  • Dedicated, full-time IT support

You can purchase the IMB NVOCC Bill of Lading Certificate here –

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
All ICC Academy courses and certificates are completely online so you can start whenever you like. There are no set classroom times to worry about, you can access the content 24/7 and learn at your own pace.

How long does the certificate take to complete?
The course is comprised of four lessons with a total learning time of two-three hours depending on your level of expertise.

How do I qualify to take the exam?
To take the exam and earn the NBL certificate you will need to complete the four lessons within the 12-month access period. One attempt at the exam is included in the price. For multiple attempts you will need to purchase a retake – USD $250.

If you have any further questions about the course, please contact us at [email protected]

You can purchase the IMB NVOCC Bill of Lading Certificate here –


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